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Crystal Chandeliers | Modern Chandelier Lights

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Impex CF01081/12/CH Diamond Crystal 12 Light Chandelier Chrome Frame
£1,030.00 £1,890.00
Impex New York 24 Light Crystal Chandelier Gold CF03220/24/G
£1,350.00 £2,632.80
Schonbek 1248E-22 Bagatelle 11Lt Heritage Crystal Ceiling Chandelier Heirloom Gold
Eichholtz Amber Glass Chandelier Benini L Antique Brass Finish 115170
Diyas Alexandra Crystal Chandelier 4 Tier 25 Light E14 Polished Chrome Crystal IL31456
£2,300.00 £4,428.00
Diyas IL31673 Fay Crystal 9 Light Chandelier Aged Gold Frame
£718.00 £1,350.00
Diyas Inina 9 Light Pendant  Polished Chrome/Crystal IL30773
£718.80 £1,440.00
Diyas Inina 15 Light Tall Pendant  E14 French Gold/Crystal IL32776
£1,288.00 £2,580.00
Diyas  Alexandra 20 Light Pendant Gold/Crystal IL32113
£2,570.00 £5,154.00
Caspen Skyhill 13 Light Polished Chrome with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305057
£1,827.50 £2,150.00
Caspen Skyhill 6 Light Antique Brass with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305052
£616.25 £725.00
Caspen Skyhill 24  Light 2200mm Crystal Chrome Ceiling Light CAS/1305061
£3,612.50 £4,250.00
Caspen Temu 6 Light Multi-Arm Fitting Chrome Clear Glass Frame CAS/905013
£1,985.00 £3,487.20
Caspen Skyhill 9 Light Polished Chrome with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305055
£765.00 £900.00
Caspen Skyhill 21 Light Polished Chrome with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305060
£2,805.00 £3,300.00
Caspen Skyhill 9 Light Antique Brass with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305054
£765.00 £900.00
Caspen Skyhill 6 Light Polished Chrome with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305053
£616.25 £725.00
Caspen Cafede 5 Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Silver Paint Clear Cut Glass CAS/605203
£497.64 £765.60
Caspen Prato 12 Light 2-Tier Multi-Arm Fitting Chrome Clear Glass Frame CAS/905014
£4,315.00 £5,396.40
Caspen Skyhill 21 Light Antique Brass with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305059
£2,805.00 £3,300.00
Caspen Corano 6 Light Crystal Chandelier Chrome CAS/905009
Caspen Roncaro 8 Light Pendant Fitting Chrome Lead Crystal CAS/905012
£2,220.00 £2,779.20
Caspen Skyhill 13 Light Antique Brass with Crystal Pendant CAS/1305056
£1,827.50 £2,150.00
Caspen Cafede 3 Light Pendant Fitting Aged Silver Paint Clear Cut Glass CAS/605197
£304.60 £468.60
Interiors 1900 Oksana 12 Arm 2 Tier Nickel Crystal Chandelier UL1P12N
£1,018.00 £1,795.32
Interiors 1900 Oksana Brass 12 Arm 2 Tier Crystal Chandelier UL1P12B
£1,034.00 £1,996.68
Feiss Bellini 6 Light Chandelier Antique Bronze Quartz Crystal FE-BELLINI6
£590.00 £1,122.00
Diyas Pearl Ceiling 9 Light French Gold/Crystal IL30006
£477.00 £954.00
Diyas Bano Linear 3 Light Dimmable Pendant 46W LED 4000K Polished Chrome Crystal IL32867
£507.60 £900.00
Diyas  Alexandra 13 Light Pendant  Polished Chrome/Crystal IL31451
£912.00 £1,830.00
Diyas IL31450 Alexandra Pendant 9 Light Polished Chrome/Crystal
£696.00 £1,398.00

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Crystal Chandeliers | Modern Chandelier Lights

There is nothing more exquisite than a crystal chandelier. It doesn’t matter whether it is small and delicate or large and opulent, they all create an amazing, unforgettable image. Picture one of the KES Lighting selections in your living room, over a dining table or in the boardroom at your office and you will soon see how easy it is to make a statement. Nothing shimmers like crystal, whether it is catching the sunlight or reflecting its own light - the effect is incredible as the multi-facets emit a myriad of colours.

For example, the largest of the Schonbek Preciosa Maria Therese range has no less than 25 lights, making this a chandelier that will certainly get noticed; glamour and opulence to perfection. If your ceilings are not overly high, then KES Lighting has thought of this too with the Renzo, available in a semi-flush fitting and offering a combination of modern yet period elegance at an incredibly affordable price. If sophistication and beauty personified is what you are looking for, then you must see the stunning Diyas Torino or the Kes Forli with its crystal spheres and balls set against a gold plated or chrome finish.

If you have any questions, our customer care team is here to help, either before or after purchase. Click on the website ‘contact’ or ‘chat’ buttons or alternatively you can call us on 00 44 (0) 2476 317022: we are here from Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm. Our online checkout is quick and secure and we offer free delivery for all orders of £99 or more. We are also happy to give you our 'no quibble' 14 day free return policy. Your purchase will arrive with a minimum of one year guarantee and we offer worldwide shipping

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Help & Advice

How big should a crystal chandelier be?

The size of a crystal chandelier should be proportionate to the room it's placed in. A general guideline is to add the room's length and width (in feet) to determine the chandelier's diameter (in inches). For instance, a 12x12 room would suit a chandelier that's about 24 inches in diameter.

How do I clean a crystal chandelier?

Dust regularly with a soft cloth. For a deeper clean, use a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Gently wipe each crystal with a lint-free cloth, then dry with another cloth to prevent water spots.

What's the difference between a glass and crystal chandelier?

While both glass and crystal are derived from sand, crystal contains lead oxide, which gives it added weight, clarity, and brilliance. This makes crystal refract light more effectively, resulting in its signature sparkle.

What are the crystals called that hang from chandeliers?

The individual crystals that hang from chandeliers are often referred to as "pendalogues" or "drops".

Why do chandeliers have crystals?

Crystals are not only decorative but they also refract and disperse light, creating a beautiful play of colors and enhancing the light emitted from the chandelier.

Are crystal chandeliers still in style?

Yes, crystal chandeliers remain timeless pieces that have evolved with design trends. Today, you can find both classic and modern crystal chandelier designs to suit various interior styles.

What are crystal chandeliers made of?

Crystal chandeliers are made using leaded glass crystals. The lead content gives the crystal its weight and brilliance, allowing for light refraction.