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Crystal Floor Lamps

Impex  Lola 3 Light Crystal Floor Lamp Chrome CFH1811/03/FL/CH
£304.98 £510.00
Diyas  Alexandra 6 Light Floor Lamp Gold/Crystal IL32104
£744.00 £1,434.00
Diyas IL30179 Torre Crystal Curtain 5 Light Floor Lamp Polished Chrome Frame
£212.40 £354.00
Diyas IL30032 Atla Floor Lamp 4 Light French Gold/Crystal
£187.00 £354.00
Crystal Floor Lamp 4 Light Chrome Celestial REG/705052
Impex ST01900/FL/G Shower 3Lt Gold Floor Lamp With Heritage Prism Crystals
£835.97 £1,395.60
Impex CFH211171/03/FL/CH Sonja 3Lt Chrome Floor Lamp
£226.76 £379.20
Impex ST02000/FL/G Shower 3Lt Gold Floor Lamp With Heritage Prism Crystals
£797.15 £1,330.80
Impex Lola 3 Light Crystal Floor Lamp Gold CFH1811/03/FL/G
£338.71 £566.40
Diyas IL30029 Atla Floor Lamp 4 Light Polished Chrome/Crystal
£176.00 £330.00
Diyas IL30063 Olivia Floor Lamp Black Shade 3 Light Polished Chrome Crystal
£188.50 £354.00
Diyas Alexandra 8 Light Floor Lamp Polished Chrome/Crystal IL31444
£685.00 £1,320.00
Ideal Lux 068275 Opera Crystal Single Light Floor Lamp Polished Chrome Frame
£302.40 £378.00
Diyas IL30177 Torre Crystal 5 Light Floor Lamp Polished Chrome Frame
£266.40 £444.00

Crystal Floor Lamps

As you walk into a room, many things will catch your eye, but nothing more than the stunning beauty of one of the KES Lighting range of crystal floor lamps. Rooms come in many different shapes and sizes and certain areas benefit more than others from having an eye-catching yet useful piece of lighting and we have selected some of the most beautiful crystal floor lamps available to fill just such an area.

Everything from ultra modern to traditional and even French chic, from well known makers like Impex, Eglo and Diyas are available, in a range of stands made from materials such as gun metal, aluminium, chrome and gold plate; that touch of luxury can be yours at very competitive prices. Each sparkling crystal is cut to maximise its light reflective capabilities, ensuring that all our crystal floor lamps will enhance any room and create a magical dimension.

Many of our “use keyword here” incorporate the highly sought after Asfour and Swarovski crystals and some are further enhanced with the addition of rhinestones, such as the Impex Viking. Whereas the stunning Voltolina Rainbow crystals reflect off a background of either, black, red or amber, creating a unique effect. With so many different styles to choose from, we will have the perfect crystal floor lamp for that special place in your home.

Once you have made your decision purchasing online couldn't be easier and we will dispatch to you within 24 hours. We are sure that you will be delighted with your choice, but just in case, we do provide a 14 day free return service and our customer care team is available to assist you. Payment is quick and secure through Paypal and any order over £99 will qualify for free delivery.

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Help & Advice

What kind of bulbs can be used with Crystal Floor Lamps?

While the type of bulb used largely depends on the specific lamp model, most Crystal Floor Lamps are compatible with standard, LED, or energy-saving bulbs. Always check the specific product's specifications for bulb compatibility.

How do I clean a Crystal Floor Lamp?

Regular dusting with a soft cloth is usually sufficient. For more thorough cleaning, a mild detergent solution can be used. Always ensure the lamp is unplugged before cleaning and refer to the specific product's care instructions.

How tall are Crystal Floor Lamps typically?

The height of Crystal Floor Lamps can vary widely depending on the design, but most fall within the range of 150 to 180 cm. Always check the specific product dimensions to ensure it fits your space.

Are Crystal Floor Lamps suitable for all rooms?

Yes, Crystal Floor Lamps can bring a touch of elegance to any room, be it a living room, bedroom, study, or even a hallway.

How durable are Crystal Floor Lamps?

Crystal Floor Lamps are built to last with robust construction and high-quality materials. However, as with any piece of fine decor, they should be handled with care.