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Floor Lamps

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Eichholtz Floor Lamp Newton Antique Brass Finish Incl Shade 116460
£2,005.00 £2,160.00
Regent Martinique Floor Lamp 8 x G9 Antique Copper Opal & Copper Glass With White Marble Base
£472.50 £525.00
Diyas IL30032 Atla Floor Lamp 4 Light French Gold/Crystal
£187.00 £354.00
Eichholtz Floor Lamp Las Palmas Polished Brass 110467
£2,490.00 £3,000.00
Eichholtz Floor Lamp Berkley Antique Brass Finish 115744
£1,792.80 £2,196.00
Eichholtz Floor Lamp Argento Antique Brass Finish 113659
£1,493.00 £1,836.00
Eichholtz Floor Lamp Shadow Vintage Brass Finish 113138
Elstead Balance 1 Light Floor Lamp Black with Polished Brass Accents Black Shade BALANCE-FL-BKPB
£305.00 £420.00
Quoizel Laguna Renaissance Copper Mosaic Floor Lamp QZ/LAGUNA/FL/A
£310.00 £570.00
Regent Biarritz Floor Lamp 2 x 18W LED 3000K Oak Sand White 3yrs Warranty
£526.50 £585.00
Floor Lamp Gold Crystal Ripley REG/705089
Endon Abia 1 Light Floor Lamp Oak Effect Resin & Natural Linen 95454
£195.00 £427.32
Endon Jaspa 3 Light Floor Lamp Satin Nickel Plate & White Glass 76567
£84.79 £212.52
Endon Otto 1 Light Floor Lamp Satin Brass Plate, White/Grey Marble & Opal Glass 76613
£169.00 £398.88
Endon Otto 1 Light Floor Lamp Matt Antique Brass Plate, Black Marble & Opal Glass 91744
£169.00 £398.88
Endon Jaspa 5 Light Floor Lamp Satin Nickel Plate & White Glass 76568
£149.00 £273.00
Interiors 1900 Dragonfly Beige 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 70940
£388.21 £699.48
Interiors 1900 Dark Star 1 Light Floor Lamp Black With Iridised Glass Inserts & Tiffany Glass 74355
£140.86 £253.80
Interiors 1900 Sullivan 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 64323
£555.00 £810.48
Interiors 1900 Tiffany Astoria Floor Lamp 63933
£273.79 £493.32
Interiors 1900 Asquith 1 Light Floor Lamp Solid Brass ABY76AB
£268.00 £483.72
Interiors 1900 Dragonfly Flame 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 64070
£400.54 £721.68
Interiors 1900 Dragonfly 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 64069
£399.00 £721.68
Interiors 1900 Fargo 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 70936
£301.03 £542.40
Interiors 1900 Willow 2 Light Floor Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 64383
£349.00 £567.84
Interiors 1900 63621 Stanford 1Lt Antique Brass Swing Arm Floor Lamp with Beige Shade
£346.00 £605.88
Caspen Vilerma 1 Light Floor Lamp Matt Brass Plate Black Cotton Fabric CAS/605091
£239.00 £457.80
Caspen Celada 3 Light LED Floor Lamp Gold Dark Bronze With Opal Glass CAS/605073
£165.00 £299.10
Caspen Agrela 1 Light LED Table Lamp Antique Gold Leaf Mink Satin Fabric CAS/605164
£239.00 £458.10
Caspen Bromos 3 Light Floor Lamp Brushed Gold Finish Gloss Opal Glass CAS/605085
£239.00 £457.80
Caspen Bromos 3 Light Floor Lamp Brushed Silver Finish Gloss Opal Glass CAS/605087
£239.00 £457.80

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Floor Lamps

At KES Lighting we offer a range of stunning light designs, including floor lamps, which are becoming more and more popular each year. Why? Because they offer something a little different, helping to create a unique appeal in your home.

These retro designs have even been incorporated with a modern twist that ensures they look great around the home. Our range of floor lamps are suitable for those of all tastes and preferences, so you’ll find a stunning range of choice at KES Lighting.

These gorgeous pieces will provide the perfect complement for your room and help light up a dark corner whilst offering beautiful decoration. What’s more, all the floor lamps on offer with KES Lighting are excellently priced and there are even some great discounts available for a limited time online. Why not order with us today?

Simply browse the various styles and designs available below and consider incorporating these into your home’s décor. With KES Lighting you’ll even benefit from free delivery on all orders over £99, whilst being able to benefit from our 14-day money back guarantee.

With the best floor lamps and lighting solutions sourced from Europe and the US, KES Lighting offer the ultimate solution for your home. Order online today and beautify your home with these stunning lamps.

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Help & Advice

Which floor lamps give the best light?

The best light from a floor lamp depends on its purpose. LED floor lamps often provide bright, energy-efficient light. If you're seeking ambient light, a lamp with a translucent shade and higher lumens will be effective. For task lighting, adjustable or directional lamps, like arc or swing arm lamps, can focus light where you need it.

Where's best to put a floor lamp in the living room?

Floor lamps work well when placed near seating areas, such as beside a sofa or an armchair. They can also be positioned in dark corners to brighten the room or next to a reading nook. Consider placing them away from high traffic areas to prevent tripping or knocking them over.

How to hide lamp cords on the floor?

There are several methods:
• Use cord covers or cable protectors that match your floor color.
• Run the cord along the baseboards, securing with adhesive clips.
• Position the lamp close to a wall outlet to minimize exposed cord length.

How to choose a floor lamp?

Consider the following:
• Purpose: Do you need ambient, task, or accent lighting?
• Design: Does the lamp's design match your room's aesthetic?
• Height & Size: Ensure it fits well within your space.
• Light Output: Check the bulb type and wattage compatibility.
• Features: Consider lamps with adjustable arms, dimmer switches, or multiple bulbs.

How tall should a floor lamp be?

The ideal height depends on the lamp's purpose and your room's layout. Generally, floor lamps range from 58 to 64 inches tall. If it's for reading, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level when seated. For ambient light, choose a taller lamp that can spread light across the room.

What size lamp shade for a floor lamp?

The shade should typically be about two-thirds the height of the lamp base. For balance, the shade's diameter should be within 2 inches of the lamp's base length. Ensure the shade covers the bulb and socket when viewed from the side or above to avoid glaring light.