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Outdoor Ground Lights

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Elstead Norfolk Lamp Post Black ELS/NR8 BLK
£237.00 £438.00
Norlys Chelsea Grande Single Outdoor Post Copper ELS/CSG5 COPPER
£1,095.00 £2,220.00
Kichler Tournai Medium Outdoor Pillar Londonderry ELS/KL/TOURNAI4/M
£212.18 £420.00
Morris 1 Light Pedestal Lantern Distressed Copper IP44 Quintessentiale QN-MORRIS3
£177.07 £285.60
Garden Zone GZ/Poole B Poole Stainless Steel and Teak Outdoor Bollard
£239.46 £474.00
Elstead Chapel Outdoor Twin Post Black ELS/CP8 BLACK
£363.74 £720.00
Norlys Como Outdoor Pillar Black ELS/C4 BLACK
£179.42 £330.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Pedestal Lantern Londonderry finish KL/HALLERON/3M
£239.00 £462.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Pedestal Lantern Burnished Bronze KL-HALLERON-3M-BU
£252.00 £480.00
Endon Burford 3 Light Outdoor Lamp Post Matt Black & Clear Glass 76552
£189.00 £448.20
Astro Homefield Pedestal Outdoor Pedestal Light in Textured Black 1095036
£211.14 £367.20
Endon Burford 1 Light Outdoor Lamp Post Matt Black & Clear Glass 76551
£110.00 £257.64
Elstead Wexford Outdoor Lamp Post Black Silver ELS/WX8
£249.00 £468.00
Feiss English Bridle 3 Light Medium Outdoor Wall Lantern British Bronze ELS/FE/EB2/M BRB
£175.00 £354.00
Feiss English Bridle 3 Light Large Outdoor Pedestal British Bronze ELS/FE/EB3/L BRB
£214.00 £438.00
Elstead Philadelphia Outdoor Large Lamp Post Old Bronze ELS/PH5/L OB
£189.46 £375.00
Norlys Turin Grande Pedestal Black Finish Aluminium Polycarbonate TG3 BLACK
£249.00 £480.00
Quoizel Newbury Outdoor Pedestal Light Polished Brass ELS/QZ/NEWBURY3/L
£179.42 £330.00
Norlys Stockholm Flush E27 Black Opal ELS/ST/FLU E27 BLK O
£163.12 £300.00
Norlys Turin Pedestal Black ELS/T3 BLACK
£140.00 £270.00
Astro Myos LED Outdoor Floor Lamp Textured Black 1426002
£103.50 £180.00
Garden Zone Poole 1 Light Stainless Steel Teak Outdoor Bollard GZ/POOLE MB
£179.42 £330.00
Kichler Tournai X-Large Outdoor Lampost Londonderry ELS/KL/TOURNAI/5XL
£378.90 £750.00
Feiss Baton Rouge Walnut Finish 3 Light Outdoor Pillar FE-BATONRG4
£212.18 £420.00
Feiss Cotswold Lane 3 Light Large Pedestal Lantern FE/COTSLN3/L BK Black Die-Cast Aluminium
£211.00 £402.00
Astro Bayville Spike Spot 900 Twin Exterior Spotlight Textured Black 1401024
£200.10 £348.00
Feiss Cotswold Lane 2 Light Medium Pedestal Lantern FE/COTSLN3/M BK Black Die-Cast Aluminium
£141.00 £264.00
Norlys Valencia Grande 1 Light Signal Post VG5-BLACK
£569.87 £1,128.00
Elstead Baltimore Medium Outdoor Pillar Lantern Weathered Bronze ELS/BT4/M
£161.48 £297.00
Norlys Firenze Triple Outdoor Post Black ELS/F7 BLACK
£833.58 £1,650.00
Feiss English Bridle 3 Light Large Outdoor Lamp Post Black ELS/FE/EB5/L BLK
£445.00 £810.00

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Outdoor Ground Lights

Whether you are looking for recessed, spots, low profile or colour changing lights, Kes Lighting have thought of everything with our range of outdoor ground lights. We also appreciate that with this type of lighting, you will probably need more than one, which is why we have chosen carefully to provide a selection which is not only competitively priced, but also varies in price range to suit your budget. Use them to highlight special features or to provide lighting for pathways; they also look amazing when used for decking and entrance halls. Many come with LED, ensuring that they are economical to run and have a low heat omission.

We have many designs for you to choose from and regardless of whether your property is contemporary or characterful, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your lighting needs. We have included outdoor ground lights from such renowned makers as Franklite and Astro. It will never require lamp changing, yet provides a beautiful and powerful light. You will be spoilt for choice with the different finishes, ranging from stainless steel, brushed aluminium, antique brass and black and the many different designs give you a wide choice.

If you need assistance to decide which are the right outdoor ground lights for you, our customer service team is waiting to assist, either by chat, telephone or email. All our lights have a minimum of 12 months guarantee and are covered by our 14 day free return policy. We will do our best to dispatch to you within 24 hours regardless of whether you are in the UK, Europe or another international destination. All orders over £99 come with free delivery.

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Help & Advice

Are outdoor ground lights easy to install?

We would always recommend leaving installation to a qualified electrician. Some considerations to take into account – if you’re looking for flexibility then use a light with a ground spike as that will allow to move more easily. Recessed ground lights are a more permanent approach, so make sure you’re totally sure on positioning before installation occurs.

Is it safe to drive my car over a recessed ground light?

Recessed ground lights are built to be sturdy and withstand vehicles being driven over them. If you’re unsure then please give us a call and we’d be happy to advise – 024 76 317022

Are the lights waterproof?

Outdoor ground lights always come with a high IP code – this is the scale used to rate the protection a fitting offers against the elements. The standard for outdoor ground lights tends to be IP65 and above – meaning the fittings will be totally weather proof. We would also recommend the use of high quality underground cables to protect the connections from water.

What types of outdoor ground lights does KES Lighting offer?

KES Lighting offers a variety of outdoor ground lights, including recessed lights, spotlights, low-profile lights, and colour-changing lights. Our selection ensures we can cater to a wide range of lighting needs and aesthetic preferences.

Can these outdoor ground lights be used to highlight specific areas?

Yes, our outdoor ground lights are perfect for accentuating special features, illuminating walkways, lighting up decking areas, and enhancing entrance halls.

Are your outdoor ground lights economical to run?

Many of our outdoor ground lights come with LED technology, which is known for its energy efficiency and low heat emission. This makes them economical to run in the long term.

Are the outdoor ground lights affordable?

At KES Lighting, we offer outdoor ground lights at competitive prices across various price ranges, ensuring there is something for every budget.