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Kitchen Island Lights


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Masiero Sound Ceiling 191cm Bar Pendant 5 x G9 Brushed Gold SOUND-BIL5
£2,200.00 £2,796.00
Ideal Lux 094786 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Chrome Frame
£174.00 £252.00
Eichholtz Verbier 5 Light Rectangular Pendant Fitting Brushed Brass Smoked Glass 115711
Masiero Crek Ceiling Large 123cm Bar Pendant 14 x E14 Brushed Brass CREK-S14-G18
£5,015.00 £5,892.00
Quoizel Emery 3 Light Weathered Brass Bar Pendant QZ/EMERY3P WS
£508.00 £1,050.00
Caspen Elburg Large Pendant Light Matt Gold Golden Smoke Shade CAS/505715
£430.92 £478.80
Eichholtz Thibaud LED Pendant Fitting 90 Cm Antique Brass Finish 114407
Caspen Oakley Park Hammered Copper Pendant Fitting in Dusk CAS/105077
£375.68 £417.42
Impex Lilou 18 Light Convertible Ceiling Pendant Chrome
£1,119.00 £2,198.40
Eichholtz Pearl Single Pendant Fitting Bronze with Alabaster Shade 115029
Diyas  Maddison 6 Light Pendant Rectangular  Polished Chrome/Crystal IL30255
£328.00 £630.00
Regent Seyne Oblong Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting 14 Light G9 French Gold Crystal
£877.50 £975.00
Quoizel Emery 3 Light Imperial Silver Island Pendant Light QZ/EMERY3P IS
£555.00 £1,050.00
Masiero Honice Ceiling Large 200cm Bar Pendant 65W 11600lm Matt Gold HONICE-S200-V99
£3,799.00 £4,512.00
Caspen Elburg Medium Pendant Light Matt Gold Chestnut Brown Shade CAS/505673
£290.52 £322.80
Diyas IL32823 Coniston Linear Bar Pendant 14 Light French Gold/Crystal
£894.00 £1,710.00
Masiero Vegas LED Glass Linear Bar Pendant Champagne Leaf MAS/VEGAS-BIL-180
£5,150.00 £6,048.00
Caspen Elburg Large Pendant Light Matt Silver Clear Shade CAS/505688
£430.92 £478.80
Hudson Valley 7 Light Island Pendant Aged Brass Hinsdale 8717-AGB-CE
£2,055.00 £2,851.92
Impex CF1929/06/OBL/CH Celine Crystal Laser Cut 6 Light Oblong Bar Pendant Chrome
Impex PG1810/05/LIN/SMK Ava 5 Light Linear Bar Pendant Smoke Glass
£252.72 £432.00
Kolarz Prisma 7 Light Ceiling Pendant 24 Carat Gold 1314.87.3.P1.KpTGn
£4,297.92 £5,808.00
Schuller Norma 4 Light Pendant Bar Fitting Matt Black 225724
£378.64 £476.87
Caspen Talgarth Burnished Pendant Fitting CAS/105010
£340.22 £378.02
Regent Puteaux Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting 3 x E27 Polished Nickel Frosted Glass
£568.36 £631.50
Impex CFH1902/09/OBL/CH Alma 9 Light Oblong Ceiling Bar Pendant Chrome
£402.58 £673.20
Regent Cholet 102x9cm Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting Chandelier 5 Light E14 Gold Crystal
£425.00 £597.00
Caspen Oakley Park Smooth Copper Pendant Fitting CAS/105081
£375.68 £417.42
Caspen Doorne Medium Pendant Light Fitting Matt Silver with Clear Shade
£236.52 £262.80
Caspen Oakley Park Aged Brass Pendant Fitting CAS/105020
£375.68 £417.42
Caspen Elburg Large Pendant Light Matt Gold Chestnut Brown Shade CAS/505675
£430.92 £478.80

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Kitchen Island Lights

Kitchen island lighting is crucial to get right if you are hoping to create a kitchen with style. In fact, a kitchen island without added lights will always look unfinished – in our opinion!

Luckily, we stock a wide range of lights that will enable you to find what you need. We have all kinds of kitchen lighting for over island spaces, including some stunning hanging lights for kitchen islands.

In terms of the different styles available, we have modern kitchen island lighting and also fittings with more of a classical or retro style. Please browse our collection to see the full range of styles we stock.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Kitchen island pendant lighting typically hangs down directly above the island itself. It is a form of lighting that is functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. Our selection of kitchen island pendant lights includes pieces made by the world's most renowned lighting designers, such as Masiero, Eichholtz, and Hudson Valley.

Our collection of kitchen island pendant lighting includes:

* Traditional triple lights with opaque silvered glass domes
* Eight-light twin ring pendants made with antique brass and Egyptian Asfour crystal
* Delicate hand-painted pieces encrusted with crystal gems and silver
* Sleek dimmable designs made with ultra-lightweight aluminium
* Five-pendant gold plated pieces with heights that can be adjusted to provide you with a bespoke fit.

These are just some of the pendants available from our website, so please enjoy browsing. We're sure you'll find the type of kitchen island pendant lighting that is right for you – and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Help & Advice

What kind of light goes over a kitchen island?

Generally speaking, the choices are chandelier-esque – meaning multiple lights and decorative elements on a single fitting – or multi-arm fittings with several separate lights. Either approach can work well – as can individual lamps, which can be used singly or in a line of two or three.

How many lights should be on a kitchen island?

There's no hard-and-fast rule; we think it's more important to find a light that suits the width of your kitchen island. It doesn't have to be the same size, just the same kind of proportions. In other words, look at the island and then try not to go too big or too small with your pendant.

Are pendant lights over an island out of style?

Not at all. We have thousands of happy clients who will happily tell you that they work wonders. It's all about personal choice – and there are lots of options! We have hundreds of pendant lights for kitchen islands spanning a multitude of styles.

How do you pick a light for a kitchen island?

A good tip is to measure how long your kitchen island is, and then pick a light that is around half that length. If your kitchen island is 2m long, then a very large kitchen island light that is 2m in length may seem overbearing. This is less likely to be the case on an island that is 4m long.

How high should kitchen pendant lights hang over an island?

It's down to personal choice and how you will use the island. But it's important not to bang your head on the lights or be dazzled by them, so factor these considerations into your planning. Note, however, that low island lights can work wonders. They can create a lovely, intimate space.

Should pendant lights be centred to the kitchen island?

Not necessarily. Sometimes these lights work well when arranged to the right or left of the kitchen island. They can also be positioned towards the front or the back, depending on how the island will be used. Generally speaking, however, it is safe to say that most kitchen island lights are centred.