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Multi-Arm Ceiling Lights

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Caspen Bohess 13 Light Wide Pendant Fitting Burnished Gold CAS/170503
£1,650.00 £2,370.00
Avivo Bubbles PD1302-14A CH/CL 14 Light LED Chrome Clear Glass Ceiling Fitting
£1,394.16 £2,038.25
Hudson Valley Labra 12 Light Pendant Vintage Gold Leaf 9612-VGL-CE
£2,208.00 £2,680.56
Masiero Sound Ceiling Large 120cm Multi Pendant 6 x G9 Brushed Gold SOUND-OR6
£2,060.00 £2,736.00
Caspen Bohess 6 Light Chandelier Burnished Gold CAS/170505
£1,290.00 £1,850.40
Feiss Brianna 9 Light Chandelier Polished Nickel FE-BRIANNA9-PN
£569.00 £1,080.00
Troy 8 Light Chandelier Textured Bronze Brushed Brass Ace F5304-CE
Plantation 5 Light Chandelier Burnished Brass Hinkley PLANTATION5-BB
£757.80 £1,500.00
Feiss Brianna 9 Light Chandelier Burnished Brass FE-Brianna9-BB
£489.00 £1,080.00
Interiors 1900 Stanford 12 Light Chandelier Brass CA1P12B
£568.00 £1,097.52
Caspen Bohess 13 Light Large Pendant Fitting Burnished Gold CAS/170501
£1,650.00 £2,370.00
Avivo Bubbles 26 Light Ceiling Pendant Fitting Polished Chrome AVI/PD1302-26B
£3,473.68 £5,999.44
Avivo Bubbles PD1302-14A GP 14 Light LED Gold Clear Glass Ceiling Fitting
£1,395.41 £2,243.42
Caspen Tovazza 8 Light Pendant Fitting Gunmetal with Crystal Droplets CAS/905007
£999.00 £1,257.60
Caspen Moretti Large 5 Light Versaille Pendant Fitting Gunmetal CAS/905004
£805.00 £1,008.00
Caspen Capreno 5 Light Art Deco Pendant Fitting Gunmetal CAS/905001
£566.00 £708.00
Caspen Bruso 12 Light Multi-Arm Fitting Chrome Crystal Droplets CAS/905010
£1,529.00 £1,915.20
Caspen Bruso 12 Light Multi-Arm Fitting Gunmetal Crystal Droplets CAS/905011
£1,529.00 £1,915.20
Caspen Stadera 6 Light Mult-Arm Fitting Matt Black CAS/905008
£275.00 £348.00
Caspen Capreno 8 Light Art Deco Pendant Fitting Gunmetal CAS/905002
£835.00 £1,044.00
Caspen Moretti Medium 5 Light Versaille Pendant Fitting Gunmetal CAS/905003
£450.00 £564.00
Caspen Corano 6 Light Crystal Chandelier Chrome CAS/905009
Endon Tabitha 5 Light Bathroom Pendant Fitting Chrome Plate & Clear Crystal 61384
£149.00 £309.12
Endon Tabitha 3 Light Semi Flush Bathroom Ceiling Fitting Chrome Plate & Clear Crystal 61251
£87.00 £193.20
Endon Tabitha 8 Light Bathroom Pendant Fitting Chrome Plate & Clear Crystal 72561
£259.00 £573.12
Interiors 1900 63517 Oksana 12Lt Nickel Chandelier White Shades
£1,377.00 £2,499.36
Interiors 1900 Oksana 5-Light Chandelier Brass UL1P5B
£470.00 £908.76
Interiors 1900 CA1P8N Stanford 8Lt Nickel Ceiling Pendant
£345.00 £616.92
Interiors 1900 Oksana 12 Arm 2 Tier Nickel Crystal Chandelier UL1P12N
£1,018.00 £1,795.32
Interiors 1900 Oksana 5-Light Chandelier Beige Shade 63522
£681.00 £1,202.16
Interiors 1900 Oksana 63521 Brass 12 Arm 2 Tier Chandelier Beige Shade
£1,480.00 £2,700.84

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Multi-Arm Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights have been a classic feature of home decoration for years and our multi-arm ceiling lights will help transform your room with beautiful styles and designs available. At KES Lighting we have the finest lighting brands on the market in stock, so you can choose a beautiful design that’ll perfectly complement your home.

From cutting edge modern appeals to traditional lighting fixtures, you can take advantage of the best multi-arm ceiling lights available. Select from Swarovski crystals, fine Italian glass, polished brass and much more with KES Lighting.

Simply browse the amazing lighting fixtures and prices below to get an incredible deal on your purchase. The elegant appeal of multi-arm ceiling lights can’t be rivalled and you’ll instantly add a stunning appeal with our products. What’s more, you can get free delivery with every order from KES Lighting over £99.

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Help & Advice

What are multi-arm ceiling lights?

Multi-arm ceiling lights are lighting fixtures designed with multiple arms or branches, each typically bearing a light source. They serve as both functional sources of illumination and decorative focal points in interior spaces.

How do multi-arm ceiling lights differ from regular ceiling lights?

While regular ceiling lights may have a singular light source or a simple design, multi-arm lights feature multiple branches or arms, adding complexity and a decorative element to their design, allowing them to cast light more broadly across a space.

Why should I choose a multi-arm ceiling light from KES Lighting?

KES Lighting offers an exclusive collection of multi-arm ceiling lights from renowned brands, ensuring high quality, diverse designs, and value for money. Whether you're seeking modern aesthetics or classic charm, KES Lighting's range caters to every preference.

Are there different materials and designs available for multi-arm ceiling lights?

Absolutely! At KES Lighting, you can find multi-arm ceiling lights adorned with Swarovski crystals, crafted with fine Italian glass, or made with polished brass. The design spectrum ranges from modern, sleek styles to traditional, ornate fixtures.

How do multi-arm ceiling lights enhance room ambiance?

Multi-arm ceiling lights not only provide ample illumination but their intricate designs and the play of light and shadow they create can add depth, warmth, and a touch of luxury to any room, making it more inviting and visually appealing.

Are multi-arm ceiling lights suitable for all room sizes?

Yes, multi-arm ceiling lights come in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for both expansive spaces and more intimate settings. It's essential to choose a size and design proportional to your room for the best visual impact.

How do I maintain and clean multi-arm ceiling lights?

Dust them regularly using a soft cloth or duster. For deeper cleaning, especially for materials like crystal or glass, use a gentle cleaning solution or a damp cloth. Always ensure the light is turned off and cooled down before cleaning.