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Single Ceiling Pendant Lights


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Caspen Talgarth Burnished Pendant Fitting CAS/105010
£340.22 £378.02
Ideal Lux 094786 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Chrome Frame
£174.00 £252.00
Caspen Elburg Large Pendant Light Matt Gold Golden Smoke Shade CAS/505715
£430.92 £478.80
Feiss Fusion 3 Light Pendant Fitting Grecian Bronze FE-FUSION-P-L
£205.00 £390.00
Schuller Sphere 793258B LED 14 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant 3 Metre Drop Multicoloured Bluetooth Dimmable
£967.08 £1,298.09
Caspen Talgarth Hammered Copper Pendant Fitting in Elan Black CAS/105053
£340.22 £378.02
Hinkley HK/CARSON/5P Carson 5Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Pendant Light
£532.00 £1,080.00
Feiss FE/ADAMS/3P BRZ Adams 3Lt British Bronze Ceiling Globe Pendant
£369.00 £765.00
Schuller Norma 4 Light Pendant Ceiling Fitting Black/Brass 225168
£355.43 £438.26
Diyas Coniston IL32801 Crystal 6 Light Medium Pendant Polished Chrome Frame
£339.00 £654.00
Caspen Caroli 6 Light LED Pendant Fitting Antique Brass Plate Clear Cut Glass CAS/605342
£212.00 £555.00
Caspen Caroli 3 Light LED Semi Flush Ceiling Fitting Antique Brass Plate Clear Cut Glass CAS/605343
£297.00 £390.00
Caspen Coria 1 Light  Large Pendant Fitting Petrol Metallic Glass Chrome Plate CAS/605290
£170.00 £330.00
Caspen Sobrado 5 Light Pendant Fitting Matt Antique Brass Plate Opal Glass CAS/605059
£214.00 £504.00
Caspen Sobrado 1 Light Pendant Fitting Matt Antique Brass Plate Opal Glass CAS/605051
£135.00 £273.60
Caspen Caroli 6 Light Pendant Fitting Bright Nickel Plate Clear Cut Glass CAS/605030
£269.00 £519.00
Caspen Cervos 1 Light Spiral Pendant Fitting Satin Gold Paint White Silicone CAS/605242
£393.00 £764.70
Caspen Cima 13 Light Pendant Fitting Satin Brass Plate With Clear Frosted Glass CAS/605337
£321.00 £625.20
Caspen Coria 1 Light Pendant Fitting Petrol Metallic Glass Chrome Plate CAS/605281
£126.00 £225.00
Caspen Oakley Park Hammered Copper Pendant Fitting in Dusk CAS/105077
£375.68 £417.42
Caspen Vilar 6 Light Pendant Fitting Bright Nickel Plate With Crystal And Clear Glass CAS/605331
£370.00 £725.10
Caspen Coria Large Single Pendant Light Chrome Metallic Glass Chrome CAS/605287
£170.00 £330.00
Caspen Riberio 5 Light Pendant Fitting Distressed Gold Finish CAS/605131
£315.00 £612.00
Caspen Barbosa 6 Light Pendant Fitting Satin Brass Plate Gloss White Glass CAS/605338
£173.00 £250.20
Caspen Coria 1 Light Pendant Fitting Chrome Metallic Glass Chrome Plate CAS/605283
£126.00 £225.00
Caspen Belver 13 Light Pendant Fitting Satin Brass Plate With Clear Frosted Glass CAS/605335
£322.00 £625.20
Caspen Loja Multi Arm Glass 9 Light Pendant Satin Brass Clear/Frosted Glass Shades CAS/605214
£285.00 £585.00
Caspen Agrela 3 Light Pendant Fitting Antique Gold Leaf Mink Satin Fabric CAS/605163
£315.00 £610.50
Caspen Oakley Park Burnished Pendant Fitting CAS/105011
£375.68 £417.42
Caspen Hernan 4 Light Pendant Fitting Aged Gold Paint Champagne Lustre Glass CAS/605010
£359.00 £671.70
Caspen Coria Large Single Pendant Light Copper Metallic Hand Blown Glass Chrome CAS/605289
£170.00 £330.00

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Single Ceiling Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a wonderful way to bring warmth and style to a room. Less 'clinical' than flush ceiling lights sometimes (but not always!) are, the hanging nature of pendant lights means they can really be brought into a room.

Further adding to their appeal is the astonishing range of styles available when people are looking for a pendant ceiling light. Single pendant lights, for example, can provide focused lighting for a specific part of a room.

Multi-light pendant lights, meanwhile, can diffuse light over a wider area. At KES Lighting and Home, we have sourced hundreds of pendant lights from all over the world, and feature such well-known brands as Elstead, Diyas, Eichholtz, Regent and gold pendant lights to chrome pendant lights to ornate modern LED options.

And with prices ranging from under £80 to more than £20,000, there is literally a pendant light for everyone! Please get in touch if you need any help with your shopping.

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Help & Advice

What is a Pendant?

A Pendant is a form of hanging light, especially great for creating a cosy ambiance in a kitchen or above a dining table.

How high above the table should a Pendant hang?


Ideally, the Pendant should hang 80-100cm above the table top. An unwritten rule of good Pendant positioning is – you should be able to look under it when sitting at the table, and it should be at approximately eye level when you stand.

We’d advise trying different heights while standing and sitting before deciding. It’s also a good idea to consider the varying heights of the people living in your household!

Is it possible to hide or shorten a cable?

Some of our fittings have the functionality to adjust the length of the cable and hide it within the cover without the need for removal from the ceiling, other types of fitting would need to be taken down by an electrician. If you’re unsure about this, please give us a call on 024 76 317022 and we can help advise.

Do I have to hang a Pendant above a table or kitchen island?

Absolutely not! Your style is personal so you should hang your fittings where you feel they’d look best. Do remember to hang them high enough that people don’t walk into them though!

How much space should there be between multiple Pendant lights?

This will depend on preference and what you think looks good. We’d advise whatever the diameter of the lamp is should be the distance between the next one.

Are Pendants easy to install?

Installing a new Pendant can often be as simple as taking down and old fitting and replacing with a new one – generally speaking. We’d advise always having a qualified electrician to install on your behalf.

Are pendant lights out of style?


No! For much of the 80s and 90s, pendant lights were often unremarkable, but new styles and designs have thoroughly resurrected pendant lights over the past few years.

There are now so many different styles to choose from it's inconceivable that you won't be able to find a pendant light that doesn't look great in your room!

What is a pendant light used for?


A pendant light typically hangs down from the ceiling in the middle of a room, and is therefore the traditional "big light" that would need turning on when people gathered to eat, play boardgames etc.

Today, however, there are so many different types of pendant light – many of them dimmable – that they can greatly enhance the whole feel of a room. It's no longer just about functionality – a wonderful pendant light can set the scene for a whole interior design project.

How to choose a pendant light


The sky is the limit when it comes to pendant lights. First ask yourself what purpose you want your light to serve (powerful overhead light to brighten a large room? Dimmable, ultra-chic light to add a dash of style?).

Then consider the available space – is your intended choice the right shape and size, and can you give it the requisite drop space? Thirdly look at the style that would work best for you – it could be a simple, single hanging lantern-style pendant, or a multi-arm pendant. Or an artistic LED creation that you might see in a luxury hotel!

What is the difference between a pendant light and a ceiling light?


When people talk about ceiling lights, they are typically referring to a light fitting that is placed flush to the ceiling. A classic example would be a circular light you might see in the ceiling of a hospital.

Pendant lamps, meanwhile, are suspended from the ceiling; they hang down. While they are certainly a type of ceiling light, the cord that drops down from the ceiling is integral to the light's design and differentiates it from other types of ceiling light.